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Communication can deliver competitive advantage
Communication & Engagement

Without communication, businesses would grind to halt, which means that exceptional communication has the potential to create exceptional businesses.

Communication happens every day through conversations, meetings, structured learning, conferences, and a host of other push and pull channels.

Communication shapes culture and defines the personality of a business. In doing so, people can feel highly motivated and valued, or not.

About Me

I have been working with business leaders since mid 1990s, helping them to create a culture of communication and get their messages across in the most effective way.

A former theatre director with an MBA, I have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to help plan and create campaigns that support strategic change, mergers, and new initiatives; whilst also working with leaders to build their skills and confidence as effective communicators.

I have specialised in ‘internal communication’ since 1999, long before there were internal communication managers. I still believe that the only lasting competitive advantage a business has is its people and that effective and engaging communication can contribute to business success.

How can I help

If you need to get a message across to an audience then I can help. I will want to know what your objectives are in order to understand the role that communication and engagement can play in helping you to achieve them.

This could be as complex as multi-channel approach to a major transformation programme, or as simple as a presentation on a specific subject. The starting point is always the same: Who is the audience? What’s the objective? How will you know if you’ve succeeded?

With a network of creatives to call upon we can write, design, produce videos and stage events. Anything is possible, the trick is to use the right tool for the job.

Some of my clients

Read my latest blogs and thoughts on all things communication, leadership, culture and change.

Read my latest blogs and thoughts on all things communication, leadership, culture and change.


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